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Packing Tapes

Our premium packing tapes are proven for all of your box sealing needs. Always reliable in changing conditions, they’re perfect for shipping, moving, and long lasting storage. Clear. Brown. Hot Melt. Rubber. Acrylic Adhesives. Browse now and filter by size below.

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Packaging Tape: Learn The Stickies

1. Type - acrylic, hotmelt, rubber

2. Size - thickness, tape length, width

3. Colour - brown, clear, crystal clear

Take a minute to understand the options available to you, it’s easier to make an informed decision. Here are the 3 tapes we offer below. Please note, duct tape and scotch heavy duty tapes are not best for packaging and shipping tapes.


How To Choose Tape

Acrylic Adhesive

Pros: These are the most common and the most inexpensive commercial grade tapes. They have high levels of clarity, won’t turn yellow over time and have a strong seal in all environments. They will be 2 to 3 inches wide.

Cons: Best used with a dispenser as it can be hard to release from the roll.

Hot Melt Adhesive

Pros: Made from synthetic rubber and is known for quick tack, meaning it sticks faster than acrylic. It releases from the roll easily so you don’t need a tape dispenser. These tapes are ideal in production lines and automated machinery.

Cons: It cannot withstand heat, humidity, and cold like acrylic does.


Pros: These can be used on the toughest of surfaces and have work great with corrugated cartons. They’re ideal for dirty and dusty environments and the most unfavourable of conditions. Great for rough handling and heavy duty packaging.

Cons: The most expensive and deteriorate after a couple years. They’re meant for short term and have poor stability against UV rays. Rubber isn’t great for shipping since it can yellow which gives the impression your product is old.




This is measured in mil (1 thousandth of an inch)

1.8 mil - lightweight

2.0 mil - medium

2.1 mil - medium plus

Tape Length

The most common tape lengths are 55 yds and 110 yds.

But we also offer 1000 yds, 1100 yds, and 2000 yds - these are for automated machinery.


2” and 3” are your options here and that depends on your specific needs.

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Crystal Clear

This is the colour you imagine of packing tape. It is the most common tape and is made with acrylic adhesive.


Use this kind of packing tape has a cloudy opaque look and is available in both hot melt and acrylic.


These rubber tapes use hotmelt adhesive and are ideal for short term.

Customer Reviews

crystalclearcartonsealingtape  41530
John Thomas

Packing tape wholesale


No more hassle finding the tape cut off...if you choose the right company! Never struggle again and win your days in the warehouse.

machinelengthclearcartonsealingtape  12346
Michael Gouet

Impressive vendor


we called in first and were impressed by their professionallism and courteous treatment of us as a client. they knew exactly what they were talking about and got things done very quickly. no wonder people say they have the fastest turnaround in the biz!

crystalclearcartonsealingtape  97775
Aubrey Joshua



Altro Labels is a great vendor based B2B company, they know how to deal with clients and aren't just some manufacturer. Try them out today!

hotmeltcartonsealingtape brown  00639
Lorena Moore

Hot Melt Rubber Tape


This tape is perfect for short term usage in warehouses and factories.

crystalclearcartonsealingtape  50368
Jim Mahone

Packing tape for moving and boxes


No complaints here! Was cheaper than buying at UHaul where we got our boxes from.