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3.15" x 1476' Thermal Transfer Ribbon - 1" Core

What type of ribbon does your printer use?

Coated Side In

More versatile

Coated side in thermal ribbons are widely used for Datamax®, Intermec® or SATO® thermal transfer printers.

Coated Side In
Coated Side Out

Mostly used for Zebra® Printers

Coated side out thermal ribbons are compatible for use with most Zebra® thermal transfer printers.

Coated Side Out

Which material would you like?


Most durable

Resin Enhanced Wax

Ideal for medium-term use

Resin Enhanced Wax

Versatile for any application


How many rolls would you like?

Quantity Price per 1 rollTotal Price
1 roll US$4.37 US$4.37
5 rolls US$4.37 US$21.85
10 rolls US$4.37 US$43.7
15 rolls US$4.37 US$65.55
25 rolls US$4.37 US$109.25
50 rolls US$4.37 US$218.5
100 rolls US$4.37 US$437
150 rolls US$4.37 US$655.5
300 rolls US$4.37 US$1,311
1,000 rolls US$4.37 US$4,370
2,000 rolls US$4.37 US$8,740


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Paisley Lyon

Works perfect with our zebra


You'd be surprised how many time "zebra compatible" means it doesn't work too well! This did the trick.

3.15" x 1476' Thermal Transfer Ribbon - 1" Core
Coated Side Out
US$4.37 per 1 roll
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3.15" x 1476' Thermal ribbon compatible with most Zebra printers as well as Datamax, Intermec or Sato thermal transfer printers that support coated side out thermal ribbons, meaning the ink is facing outwards on the roll.
If you are using thermal transfer labels, you will need thermal transfer ribbons to print your image or barcodes. At Altro, we offer premium, black wax thermal ribbons. These Wax ribbons work best for most applications such as shipping, shelf, bin, retail, or warehouse labels. They’re ideal for use where fast print speeds are required (Up to 12 ips). They must be used with paper facestocks in environments with little to no exposure to weak chemicals and / or to some abrasion.

Product TypeRibbon