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3" x 2" Direct Thermal Label - 1" Core

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A high quality paper stock. It’s our first paper, and much-loved member of the Altro family!

Standard Paper

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3 rolls (2,190 labels)US$23.03 US$69.09
6 rolls (4,380 labels)US$14.97 US$89.82 US$138.18
12 rolls (8,760 labels)US$12.44 US$149.28 US$276.36
24 rolls (17,520 labels)US$10.83 US$259.92 US$552.72
36 rolls (26,280 labels)US$9.68 US$348.48 US$829.08
72 rolls (52,560 labels)US$8.76 US$630.72 US$1,658.16
180 rolls (131,400 labels)US$7.84 US$1,411.2 US$4,145.4
300 rolls (219,000 labels)US$6.22 US$1,866 US$6,909


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3x2Core1@4x  33238
Shanna Keeling

Start to finish ease


For years we bought off as they seemed to be the only label supplier to move into the 20th century, but we always kept looking for a Canadian equivalent - and here they are, Altro!

altro3x2Core1@4x  40811
Standard Paper
Min Quantity: 3 rolls
US$23.03 per 1 roll
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custom print
US$180.24 per 1 roll
Custom print

Upload your artwork and we'll create custom labels for you. Our free proof approval process lets you work directly with us to ensure the size, borders, and look are perfect.

White direct thermal, 3" x 2" standard paper label on a 1" core with an 4" outer diameter suited for small desktop-sized (1" core) printers. This particular label has all-temperature permanent adhesive. Our labels are perfect for applications that include: shipping, barcoding, inventory tracking, and much more. The quality of our thermal paper ensures that the print will be dark enough for reliable label use. These labels are also perforated making for an easy tear. Direct thermal labels feature a smooth, bright paper that is specifically top-coated for direct thermal printing, ideal for high-speed direct thermal printers and does not require a ribbon to print; for direct application over corrugated boxes and/or application/storage in freezer we recommend high tack acrylic or hotmelt adhesive; plz consult with one of our specialists for specific applications of yours.

Size3" x 2"
Labels per Roll730
Roll Diameter4
Core Diameter1" Core
Corner ShapeRounded
Product TypeDirect Thermal Label
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3" x 2" Direct Thermal Label - 1" Core
  • Standard Paper
  • White
  • Permanent
US$180.24 per 1 roll

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